Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Turning Young

When I woke up this morning, I was surprised by myself when I thought, "Wow, I'm 21. That's not old, that's the age where everything - anything - can happen to you."

I miss you all very much.

The Empire State isn't very impressive at ground level looking at it. The interior though, is freaking gorgeous. Art Deco to the max, so delicious, so gorgeous. The clouds were flying low so there was zero visibility, but the clouds blew across the platforms and there was no-one there. It's the only magic I've felt here. I liked it. The Statue of Liberty was a statue. What can I say, you've all seen it a million times on any American TV show based in New York.

I've got my shirt, tie, and cufflings. I'm wearing my swanky tie and my cologne, not deoderant.

It's time for some Maccas.

I mean Wicked. On Broadway.

(Burn the Floor was sensational. And Tabs, I saw SYTYCD Aus Henry in the flesh. And I do mean flesh!)

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