Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Turning Old

When I got on that last flight, I thought to myself "well, everything will be in english from now on." I didn't count on the odd feeling I got once I exited the plane and came up to passport control, of really being a foreigner. I don't know if it were something to do with me being a subject of the queen (yes, at heart I'm a monarchist), but I felt alien in the Americas. Luckily though I still speak the language (or a variation of it). I took the subway to my hotel, and another thing stood out to me - the underground in London, is packed, but comfortable. The metro in Paris, efficient, but not personable. The subway here is brutal. Trains come and go, but stop and take off suddenly. Trains scream through the middle tracks of a station making everything shake, and the patrons sit and stare vacantly, trying to avoid human interaction as much as possible. People here are dressed badly, and very few are pretty. The fat people are especially fat, and there's a lot of them. Perhaps I'm just being a little harsh on it, seeing as my most recent comparison comes from Reykjavik, but I don't think so.

So aesthetically speaking in terms of the people, NYC isn't winning any competitions from me. The buildings and archtechture have a certain panache, but as you'd expect, no subtlety. Broadway though is everything you'd want it to be. Flashy, gaudy, bright lights and flashing neons. It's odd though, I find it hard to take the NYPD seriously when their station in Times Square is complete with flashing fluro neons. Hmmm...

I've bought me a ticket for Wicked on my birthday - it wasss expensive, but it was one of the few seats left - just after a cancellation... fourth row front and centre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! I went to a random off-broadway show at a comedy club, which was improv comedy by a small ensemble. I even got up on stage at one point, very enjoyable. So yeah, I can say I've been on stage with an audience in a show off-broadway. Yeah? Maybe not.

So after a ridiculous amount of non-sleep in the last few days, I slept in. Time for some lunch (maccassssss) and some sight-seeing. The Statue of Liberty first? Central Park? Empire State?
Oh, but my schedule is already booked a little - tonight, West Side Story, and tomorrow matinee, Burn the Floor, nighttime, Wicked.



Central Park. After a small spending spree on Broadway tickets, I ran out of money. So I did the only free thing, and went to Central Park. I'm going to get up early tomorrow, get me some more monbey, then do the Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building, before a matinee, lunch, and a show.

I got interviewed in a line today by some Showtime reps about what's going to happen in the last episode of the current season of Dexter. Given I had no idea what had happened in the current season, they fed me a line and I delivered it in true acting style. They were impressed with my lying abilities. Fingers crossed I make it onto national American television. I also ran into the Cambridge choir on the subway, they'd all just arrived from London. 90% of the 20 strong chior, SO FREAKING HOT. Especially after the serious lack of prettiness in NYC.

Sometimes, you just have to tell it like it is. West Side Story was a bit of a let down. The two leads were often sharp, the dancing lacked energy apart from one or two standouts, and the acting wasn't particularly believable. In my very humble opinion, the WAAPA performance of it in 2008 was better. Noticably so. Great job, best of the best, in "Broadway".

Oh, by the way, I'm about to turn 21... right about.... now.

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